Thursday, January 12, 2006

Red Sox sign Tavarez to two year deal

Are the Sox sure they want to pay $6.7 million to this guy? He fractured his hand punching a dugout telephone. He was fined $10,000 for throwing a ball over Jeff Bagwell's head. If he's not confident enough in his own pitching (he was suspened for using pine tar to doctor a ball in 2004), how can the Sox be? He's a career 4.33 ERA relief pitcher. He played in 151 games (130 innings) over the past two years.

Tavarez is just a middle relief pitcher with limited use, but it seems to me the Sox are moving away from the concept of team players with good attitudes with this signing.

Sox bolster the bullpen with Tavarez - The Boston Globe
The Sox become the eighth big league team for Tavárez, who took the loss in Game 1 of the 2004 World Series when Mark Bellhorn hit a two-run home run off the foul pole in the eighth inning of Boston's 11-9 win in Fenway Park. Tavárez, who turns 33 May 22, had fractured his left hand just over a week earlier when he punched a dugout telephone after giving up a tying home run to Carlos Beltran, then with the Astros, in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series. He also was fined $10,000 by Major League Baseball for throwing a ball over Jeff Bagwell's head in the same game.

Tavárez, who also has pitched for the Indians, Giants, Rockies, Cubs, Marlins, and Pirates, has had a number of incidents in his career, including one in San Francisco for which he apologized after using a derogatory term to describe gays. A sinkerball-slider, ground ball pitcher who also features a circle changeup, Tavárez also was suspended eight games in 2004 for using pine tar to doctor the ball.

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