Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Looking for hope from the previous Denver/Pats match-up?

Some points to consider:
1) The Pats scored on 3 of their last four drives. What this tells me is they were starting to figure out the Denver defense.

2) Dillon, Seymour and Bruschi were not in the game. These players are playmakers with the ability to change the direction of a game.

3) Look at Belichick's record when playing against a team for the second time in a season. Bill has an excellent record for analyzing what went right for them and what went wrong with his team the first time. That's why their second half is usually so much better than their first. By the time he plays a team for the second time, he can tell you exactly who, what, where and why (eg. St Louis Rams, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo for biggest reversals).

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