Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And? What's your point, Tony?

Tony Massarotti would like you to know the offense is struggling:

BostonHerald.com - Boston Red Sox: Sox hitting stats

Since the All-Star break, both Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz have held up their end of the bargain in keeping the Red Sox competitive. However, the rest of the lineup has struggled. Here’s a look at how bad it’s been:

AB: 93 R:19 H:31 2B: 6 3B:1 HR: 9 RBI:22 BB:14 SO: 22 Avg.:.333 SLG: .710
AB : 90 R: 17 H:32 2B: 7 3B: 0 HR: 7 RBI: 24BB: 11 SO: 13 Avg.: .356 SLG.: .667
AB : 183 R: 36 H: 63 2B: 13 3B: 1 HR: 16 RBI 46 BB: 25 SO: 35 Avg: .339 SLG: .677
AB : 660 R: 84 H: 174 2B: 42 3B: 2 HR: 14 RBI: 71BB: 58 SO: 131 Avg. .264 SLG: .395

So, what's your point? I'm not going to go out and get the numbers from other teams, but I would have to guess if you take out the top two hitters on any team in the league and compare there numbers, you'd get something that looks an awful lot like this. That's what Ortiz and Manny are paid to do. They aren't paid for their defensive skills.

The Red Sox are ranked (in the AL) second in runs and rbis, fourth in hits, 3rd in homeruns, and fifth in SLG. What more do you want from the offense? They also put a great defensive unit out there night after night, with only 40 E for the season. For perspective, the team ranked second is the Twins with 56 E.

It's not the pitching Tony, nor is it the defensive players holding the offense down in some way. It's the pitching.

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