Monday, August 07, 2006

I have to admit I was worried

I kept hearing how Papelbon had blown his fourth save this year, and I was wondering if being a rookie closer was finally getting to him. I was so worried, I had to go take a look at his numbers, and how he compares to other relievers in the league.

To say the least, I was reassured. His ERA increased to 0.64 after last night. He is 3-1 with 30 saves over 56.2 innings 49 games. He has 58 K with 10 BB.

I'm not sure you could ask any more of your closer. ;-)

BTW, Foulke may be reactivated as soon as Monday.


Seandiego said...

I am worried about him. No way the Captain lets him throw all those fast balls in a row. I can't help but wonder how big a part Tek plays in his success.

Mike said...

That's a very good point.

He's had to work with Mirabelli before (I'm assuming that, but he's had to have closed on days Wakefield pitched) and been successful. But having several new catchers with Mirabelli hurt, Lopez just starting plus whoever they call up each day....

Hmmm... Now I'm starting to worry even more about all the pitchers.