Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wells to the rescue?

First, let me just say that I don't like Wells. I really wish he had retired and gotten on with his life. I don't think he's a big game pitcher anymore. I think he's out of shape, out of his mind, and he just isn't good for the Red Sox.

Having said that, it should come as no surprise to you that I disagree with the title from this Herald Story: - Boston Red Sox: All’s Wells -- Lefty handles Tigers; Sox avoid sweep

Wells, making just his sixth start in an injury-interrupted season, lasted 6 2/3 innings, allowing four runs on 10 hits, striking out three and walking only one.
"He just quieted things down a little bit," Sox manager Terry Francona said. "The magnitude of any game isn’t too big for him, and he just goes out and competes and throws what he throws for strikes. When he’s healthy enough to do it, he’s pretty good."

4 runs in 6 and 2/3 innings is not great. Admittedly, it was better than our other starters have done lately. But don't go around think David is now the savior. I give credit to the hitters for this win. 6 runs is what they needed and got from players like Ortiz and Crisp. Twice, the Sox had to come back in the game. Ortiz hit a homer to go up by two in the fifth. Crisp hit a double in the sixth to come back again.

So thank you, Crisp and Ortiz (honorable mention to Lowell). You handled those pesky Tigers. Not the other way around.

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