Monday, August 14, 2006

One game out isn't good enough this year

I'm still convinced, despit Torontos nose dive, the wild card won't be coming out of the East this year. So, one game back is not the best place to be. One game up is.
Boston Red Sox, Major League Baseball - CBS

You are only one game behind the Yankees in the American League East race. Not a terrible position to reside at all. I believe they call that being in the thick of it. Yet all I hear from my Sox friends, from you Sox types, is how the world is coming to an end. We're dead, we're toast. We're dog meat. We're not going to win it.

Three games taken from Baltimore is great, but there are still nine games against the Yankees to worry about.

And I'm starting to believe the only help the Sox are going to get is from themselves (I really wish they'd picked up a middle reliever). So, live or die, this is the pitching staff the Sox have to go with. That ERA column doesn't exactly inspire joy in my heart.

38Curt SchillingSP25251450000723.89166.214922.268
19Josh BeckettSP24241360000864.92146.112046.246
18Jason M. JohnsonSP19193110000776.26102.04733.337
49Tim WakefieldSP1919780010624.14119.28043.233
62Jon LesterSP1313620000334.0972.25436.283
30Matt ClementSP1212550000506.6165.14338.291
55Lenny DiNardoSP75120000217.1125.11512.367
52Kyle SnyderP95320000276.2330.1289.331
16David WellsSP55120000226.2326.0135.354
60David PauleySP33020000147.8816.0106.419

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