Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bad news from Foxboro

The Patriots haven't talked to Deion for a week. While it's unlikely Branch would sit out the whole season, it's hard to get him onto the field unless you talk to his agent. This is the guy who the Patriots wanted so much they were willing to let Givens go. So what gives?

The Pats offered Branch a four year deal worth 19 million (loaded on the back end). Branch rejected the offer. Branch offered to come in on his 1.05 million dollar contract this year, as long as the Patriots agreed not to franchise him next year. The Pats rejected that offer. Now they aren't speaking to each other.

Bruschi may have fractured his wrist on Monday. Given how weak the secondary was last year, having injuries pop up this early into the 'season' is not a good sign. Hopefully, the Patriots have given a lot of thought into depth this year. Unfortunately, Biesel may be the only option at middle linebacker, with Vrabel as his backup? Either that or Vrabel has to come inside, but he's more suited to playing OLB.

Bruschi may have plenty of time to heal before the season starts, and playing hurt is practically a byline for all players. But having a weakened wrist is not a good thing for any football player.

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