Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bruschi is likely out for six weeks

Ted Bruschi underwent surgery to insert a screw into his broken wrist yesterday. Despite Ted's hopes, he'll likely be sidelined for six weeks, so don't expect him to start that first game. - N.E. Patriots: Bruschi braces for yet another miracle return: Despite surgery, sets sights on Pats’ opener

According to Dr. Bill Morgan, head of the Bone and Joint Center at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and former Red Sox team physician, surgeries such as Bruschi’s usually require a minimum of six weeks to heal.
That would keep Bruschi sidelined until the third week of the season. However, a source yesterday indicated that Bruschi believes he can return in time to face the Bills in the regular-season opener on Sept. 10.
The Patriots on Tuesday announced he’ll miss the entire preseason.

Even if Teddy is ready for the first game, he may be a little bit rusty given he'll have missed the entire pre-season. The defensive depth just took a big hit and the season hasn't even started.

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