Friday, August 25, 2006

How to throw deep

I learned something today. - N.E. Patriots: The art of throwing deep

“The idea when throwing deep is to get the ball to turn over,” he said. “You can tell the guys who are good at throwing the deep ball. When the ball (crests), it drops almost like it’s coming down on the receiver.
“When you say a ball sails, the trajectory is flat as it comes down. No matter how good you throw it, the ball has a trajectory the receiver can never catch up to.
“You need the ball to turn over, but it won’t if you don’t finish the throw. A lot of times when I was throwing it, I’d kind of stop my throwing motion and more or less guide the ball. Now I’m just throwing it, the ball turns over and drops, and hopefully, it drops into my receiver’s hands.
“There’s your dissertation on quarterbacking. Hopefully you guys learned something.”

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