Thursday, August 24, 2006

Win one, lose six

There's so much bad news coming out of the bullpen right now, it's hard to keep track. - Boston Red Sox: Sox’ prayers answered -- Losing streak ends with win over Halos

Lester (7-2) nearly had to be scratched from the start due to a sore lower back, but he managed to stick around for five innings, allowing three runs on six hits and four walks. He struck out two.

If Lester goes out with a bad back, who could they turn to? There's no one left to come back (except for DiNardo or Clement?) In other news, Wakefield has been deprived of pitching off the mound until he has no pain in his ribcage at all. So who knows when he'll be back.

But the good news is Foulke has been pitching and giving a welcome relief to the middle relievers. It's telling, however, that he was pulled and Papelbon was put in after giving up only one hit.

Well, it was still a good thing to see them win one game. Too bad they have to face up with Weaver tonight and Manny is having an MRI.

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