Friday, December 16, 2005

Can the Patriots pass the test

Over at new england sports rant, it seems J Robinowitz thinks the Pats are going to fail their last test before the final exam. I think the Pats have a really good shot at winning this Saturday's game (1:30 PM ET) against the TB Bucanneers.

New England Sports Rant:

Yes, they played better the last two weeks...against two of the worst teams in the NFL. All this talk of play-off victories seems more than a bit premature. Until this team beats someone with a winning record, everyone needs to take a big step back and realize that this is not the same team as the past two's not even the same team as 2001. The only reason the Pats will even be in the playoffs is that they play in the worst division in football.

It's time to get real folks, this week is the test, and personally, I don't think the Pats are going to pass.

This is why they can win:
This injury report is probably the best they've had in a long time. Despite Brady's injury (and who know's how hurt he really is.), they have Dillon, Faulk, and Brady will be on the field and the effect they can have on the game can't be underestimated.

From the Boston Herald: Belichick’s defense can be puzzling, especially for a young quarterback like the Buccaneers’ Chris Simms.
"They are solid on defense, they really are," said Simms, who already has been sacked 19 times. "They’re extremely well coached on defense and they’ve got a lot of talent, especially in the front seven."

Also, with Seymour back on track and the middle of the field being plugged, Cadillac Williams is going to have a hard time finding holes to fill this week.

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Rich said...

Heck of a game, huh? I was skeptical also, having whipped two cellar-dwellers, how tough is that? But Tampa is a different story, I respect their team, and the Pats CRUSHED them! Woowoo!