Thursday, December 15, 2005

Terry Francona speaks out on co-GMs

Of course Terry endorses (see quote below) the two headed monster configuration. It's more likely he'll still have a job next year. Any new GM would have brought in his own coach to work with.

Also, according to the same Herald story the Dodgers don't feel confident they can deal with Boras (Damon's agent). The Sox are still waiting on Johnny's response to their 4 year $40 million offer. Want to bet Boras is just looking over the counteroffers in the hopes of getting a bidding war to start up? - Boston Red Sox: Dodgers eye Damon -- LA doesn’t like chances:

Sox manager Terry Francona endorsed the new GM configuration.
“I’m really pleased at the way this turned out,” he told the Associated Press last night. “Having these guys run the baseball operations, basically what will happen is nothing changes. From my view, having it stay the same is really great.”
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