Monday, December 19, 2005 - NFL - Pasquarelli: Morning After Week 15

Len Pasquarelli jumps on the bandwagon. He goes on to discuss how the linebackers kicked butt on Saturday, running Simms down into the ground. I kept expecting Simms to just say 'forget it, I'm going home' after getting hit once again.

What Len fails to point out is how conservative Belichick has been the past year when going up against any decent offense. My question is: was he conservative because he felt he had to be because of injuries (specifically Seymour)? Or is that what we should expect this to happen again once the playoffs start. Hopefully, he'll keep the aggressive tactics going when the playoffs start. - NFL - Pasquarelli: Morning After Week 15:

Having secured a third straight AFC East title with Saturday's shutout victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs, the New England Patriots can now begin looking seriously, and with a renewed degree of optimism as well, at defending a far more important championship.

And the rest of the league, particularly the playoff contenders in the AFC (yes, including the Indianapolis Colts, folks), can begin looking hard again into the rearview mirror.
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