Monday, December 05, 2005

Was there a football game yesterday?

In case you missed it yesterday, the final score was 16 - 3 as the Pats walked through their final preseason... Oh, you mean that was a real game against a real team?

The Pats showed that they certainly don't deserve to be relegated to this division at least.

In the meantime, Adam Vinatieri broke Gino Cappelletti's Patriots career scoring record yesterday, etching his name into the Patriot's record book (again). Ty Law returned to Foxboro (did anyone see him?) and so did Ted Johnson for a half time ceremony honoring his achievements. But more importantly for this year's team, Kevin Faulk, Corey Dillon and the pass rush all returned as well.

Richard Seymour had a couple of comments about yesterday's game. The first was how quiet the crowd was. Unlike last week's game in KC, there really wasn't much to cheer about yesterday, now was there?

The second comment was on how the defense was loosened up allowing the pass rush to occur. What Richard doesn't seem to understand is how much of a difference he makes to that line. Without him, they were sitting back on their heels, waiting to see what the offense was going to do. With him, they can charge in and take control.

Seymour's facemask penalty may have been the most costly penalty of the year yesterday. Not only did they lose control of the ball, but they also lost the 50 yard run!

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