Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trade Talk for the Boston Red Sox

Rumors are flying with trade after trade possibility. Take a look at some of the highlights below. Personally, I'm most intrigued by the possibility of Nomar coming back to Boston, although I wouldn't be surprised if he headed to the Yankees. He batted .312 after coming back from the groin injury.

World tourney taking shape - The Boston Globe:

According to an NL executive, the Red Sox discussed a deal for Tampa Bay shortstop Julio Lugo, offering a package that included Kelly Shoppach and Kevin Youkilis. The Sox presumably would move Lugo elsewhere in the infield. But a Devil Rays source said Tampa was fielding numerous offers for Lugo and that, while it has interest in Shoppach, it is lukewarm on Youkilis. The Sox are still believed to be interested in Aubrey Huff, though several teams are expressing interest in the lefthanded-hitting outfielder/first baseman. The Sox also have expressed at least preliminary interest in free agent first baseman J.T. Snow

Of course, most of the rumors about trades center around Manny. I still believe he'll be gone next year, but I'm not looking forward to it. Unless they get quality (as in ace) material in pitching back, they'll be a poorer team next for it.

Progress seen in Ramirez talks - The Boston Globe:
''We're coming closer," said Bill Lajoie, who is serving as point man for the Red Sox contingent at baseball's winter meetings here, when asked about the likelihood of the team satisfying Manny Ramirez's request to be traded.

BostonHerald.com - Red Sox & MLB: Ramirez’ trade sweepstakes heating up:
With the Angels definitely unwilling to trade their best young pitcher, Ervin Santana, a third team must get involved to get Ramirez to Southern California. The latest front-runners are the Diamondbacks, who would receive a package of prospects from the Angels while the Sox would receive Arizona’s Troy Glaus, who would be used at first base.
Since the Angels would have to shed some salary to accommodate Ramirez’ $57 million, the Red Sox might also have to take an existing contract off their hands as well, possibly Darin Erstad.
A trade to the Mets grew less likely, but it is early still in these meetings and general manager Omar Minaya’s well-known adoration of Ramirez has not vanished.

BostonHerald.com - Red Sox & MLB: Deal would leave mark: If Manny goes, Sox makeup goes:
To a man, the Sox baseball operations staff knows what losing Ramirez would do to their lineup. The Sox have led the major leagues in runs scored each of the past three seasons, a streak that coincides with the union of Ortiz and Ramirez in the heart of the lineup. That is not coincidence as much as it is cause and effect, the No. 1 reason why the Red Sox score like Brad Pitt.
Why do you think the Los Angeles Angels would love Ramirez, anyway?
Because Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero would give the Angels precisely the kind of duo the Sox now possess.
“It’s a lot of offense. He’s an outstanding hitter,” Shipley said of Ramirez. “To replace that is difficult.”

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