Thursday, February 23, 2006

Beckett speaks

Someone actually got a quote out of Beckett. Impressive. From all reports out of spring training, Josh has been elusive and quiet (if not quite downright rude) to all of the reporters begging for a quote. As opposed to Papelbon, who was described as being 'giddy', and Schilling, who is always ready to talk.

BTW, Schilling has been talking up quite a storm about how excited he is to have Loretta and Lowell on the team. Hopefully, the fans will be just as excited when the ball drops. - Improved pitching part of Boston's '06 plan
"Last year I threw 14 bullpens before I even got to spring training," Beckett said. "The Marlins wanted us to be ready to go because we were on a four-man rotation last spring. I think things are a little bit different over here.

"A lot of things feel different. It's great to be here. I'm ready to go."

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