Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flutie returns again?

Interesting. Why would Flutie return if he thinks a career in broadcasting is waiting? Wouldn't he make more riding the media bench? It would be a great deal for the Pats. Someone with his experience at such a critical position for so little money against the cap just doesn't appear on your doorstep every day. - NFL Coverage: Flutie, Pats may huddle up again
Flutie, Pats may huddle up again
By Lenny Megliola and Herald wire services

Doug Flutie hasn’t had any dialogue with the Patriots yet regarding a return to the team, although one team official said he felt it was likely the 43-year-old quarterback will be asked back.

Flutie backed up Tom Brady this season, with Matt Cassel the third quarterback. Flutie’s contract for $750,000 would count for $425,000 against the salary cap. “If the opportunity is there, I think he’ll be back,” Flutie’s agent, Kristen Kuliga, said.
If Flutie doesn’t re-sign with the Patriots, he will retire and prepare for a broadcasting career.

The Patriots will also be looking at potential free agent signings next month.

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