Thursday, February 16, 2006

Red Sox salaries

If nothing else changes during Spring training (and everyone still expects David (I need the sun of SD) Wells to be traded, ESPN has the salaries (based on last year) of the Boston Red Sox. Although the Red Sox have a base salary of 121,311,945, the Yankees are projected at almost twice that at 205,938,439.

The third team at the top of the payroll ladder is the NY Mets at 104,770,139. Why are the Mets always considered to irrelevant, but the Sox and Yankees are believed to be teams that 'buy' their way into the playoffs each year?

1. Manny Ramirez19,806,820
2. Curt Schilling14,500,000
3. Jason Varitek8,000,000
4. Trot Nixon7,500,000
5. Keith Foulke7,500,000
6. Mike Lowell7,500,000
7. Matt Clement6,500,000
8. David Ortiz5,250,000
9. Tim Wakefield4,670,000
10. David Wells4,075,000
11. Alex Gonzalez3,400,000
12. Mike Timlin2,750,000
13. Mark Loretta2,750,000
14. Julian Tavarez2,600,000
15. Josh Beckett2,400,000
16. J.T. Snow2,000,000
17. Bronson Arroyo1,850,000
18. David Riske1,425,000
19. Alex Cora1,300,000
20. Tony Graffanino1,100,000
21. John Flaherty800,000
22. Rudy Seanez550,000
23. Coco Crisp364,900
24. Kevin Youkilis323,125
25. Josh Bard317,900
26. Adam Stern316,000
Total Team Salary: 121,311,945

Not too long ago, I talked about the Red Sox salaries on 12/13/05 and despite having more players listed, the sox payroll is about the same. What a difference there is between Mota and Crisp.

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