Friday, February 03, 2006

Brady working on his tossing

Brady will be at midfield to help out in the coin toss. He'll be the first active player to participate in the coin toss. Tom and Deion, as past superbowl MVP's, will be honored in pregame festivities. It's like they think they've retired or something.

Brady will reportedly be having off season surgery to repair a hernia, as well. Looks like he's keeping busy, at least.


Seandiego said...

I didn't think the game was boring. It was very poorly officiated though. Only made me more bitter that the Patsies choked against Denver. We would have crushed either of those teams on the feild last night.

Mike said...

You probably meant to comment in my latest post, but that's ok. It's probably the drugs...

I'd like to agree that the Pats would have killed either team, but the truth is Pittsburgh beat the team we lost to. That's why the pros have playoffs and everyone complains about the college rankings.