Thursday, February 09, 2006

Spinners are looking to take the Yankees out of Mass

In a publicity ploy, the Lowell Spinners (Red Sox - A) are looking to buy out any teams labeled Yankees in Massachusetts. In case you weren't aware, little league teams are modeled after the big leagues. In towns across the US, the little league teams are named after pro teams, so there are Red Sox, Yankees, and I was on the Astros at one point.

Well, the Spinners are willing to pay to replace any team labeled with the hated Yankees logo, with, you guessed it, the Lowell Spinners moniker. They will also allow them to play at the minor league club's home field before a Spinners game this summer.

This is a great PR move and should be applauded. It's a little bit silly to worry that much about the rivals so much, but hey... Why not?

In case you were wondering, the Spinners have stated (according to the story in the Globe) three teams have already accepted their offer. Not surprisingly, those three teams are very close to Lowell: Chelmsford Little League, Methuen Instructional League, and Tewksbury Youth Baseball.

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