Monday, February 27, 2006

Trade talks between Red Sox and Nationals

Jeff Horrigan talks about the Nationals looking for starting pitchers in Boston. He mentions Clement, Arroyo and Wells. While I wouldn't be sorry to see Wells go (I've never like having David on the team from day one, and I don't care if he makes it back to the West Coast), and I would like to keep Clement around, I'd be disappointed in the Sox if they traded Arroyo away.

According to all reports, the Sox promised Bronson they would not trade him after he signed a deal for less money than what he was worth. He basically took a 'home-town' discount in order to stay in Boston. If they immediately trade him away because he has a lower salary, what will that say to future members of the Red Sox who are trying to ink a deal. They'll be a lot less likely to sign on for less. - Boston Red Sox: Nationals might pitch deal to Red Sox

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