Monday, February 06, 2006

The best team won

By now, it's fairly obvious the best team won. Is there any doubt that the Steelers had the best QB (9/21, 2 interceptions, 0 TD passes, QB Rating under 30), the best running back (Bettis 43 yards, Parker 93, of which 1 was for 75), the best defense (allowed 396 yards total), best special teams (allowed 174 yards in returns, app 30 yards per attempt). They dominated on both sides of the ball (only 26:58 time of possession). Truly, the Steelers should be proud of their performance last night.

Yes, the above paragraph is all about sarcasm.

Maybe I'm making to much of this. The Steelers did beat out the top seeded teams to get to the Superbowl, and it was obvious the Seahawks didn't want to win. What were they doing at the end of the first half? What about the 4 penalties in the first half, including one that nullified the touchdown? Both QB's were throwing airballs all day, allowing whoever jumped higher to catch the ball.

I guess I'm just depressed I stayed up to watch such a boring game.


Sally said...

The Superbowl was so hard to watch this year! Not because the Patriots weren't there, but, it was badly played by everyone. Seattle with their vaunted running back was such a non-presence. The quarterbacks for both sides were giving the ball or the game away. There were occaisional splashes of a decent game but it was drowned out by the awful performances by both teams!

Mike said...

Too true. If this was the best the NFL had to offer, then that's just sad. Between the officiating and the teams playing, it was just hard to watch. Normally I watch for the game, but this year, the ads were more interesting.