Friday, February 10, 2006

The Grand Old Park won't be as old as it used to be.

Fenway is going through quite a list of renovations this year. Let's review (since everyone else has been doing so):

The .406 Club will have two levels and it's glass front has been removed. The upper level will now be known as the Home Plate Pavilion, while the lower level will be known has the EMC Club. Together, there will be 780 seats in the renovated clubs.

New seats are also being added onto the roof along the first- and third-base lines. There used to be four rows, but next year there will nine rows instead. Altogether, there will be 2,507 more seats this year.

The team is installing a new sound system that will minimize noise to
the Fenway neighborhood and improve sound within the park. The old
system was motored by an oversized speaker in center field that the
team purchased from an Eric Clapton tour four years ago.

Installation of a new sprinkler system required digging within the
concourse as plumbing is replaced. There is a new emergency public
address system going in and a new in-stadium electrical substation is being

The Red Sox plan on continuing renovation (in the off seasons) until 2012 (Fenway's 100 year anniversary). This will include renovations to the lower concourse which will finally turn those right field seats that face into the bullpen towards the playing field instead.

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