Friday, February 10, 2006

Fehr is optimistic about baseball labor talks

If you're interested in the sort of drama that takes place between MLB and the player's union, I suggest you read this story from SI. If you're more interested in the Yankees and Red Sox, I've highlighted an important fact from last year. The Yankees had a $34 million luxury tax, while the Sox had $4 million. That's not as big a difference as I expected.

Also, the Sox and Yanks are still the only two teams expected to be over the cap this year. - MLB - Fehr sees reason for optimism in talks - Friday February 10, 2006 1:30AM
The Yankees were hit with a $34 million luxury tax last season and the Red Sox had a $4 million bill. Under the labor contract, the Yankees and Red Sox will be the only teams subject to the luxury tax this season and both will pay at a 40 percent rate on the amount over the $136.5 million threshold for all players on 40-man rosters, including benefits.

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