Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clemens to the Red Sox?

Bentley92 brought up Roger Clemens possibly coming back to the Red Sox.
bentley92 said...

I think it is interesting that they are making a big push to get Roger to come back including a DVD J.H. & NESN is producing.

I heard the talk about Roger coming back to the Sox for next year, but I'm not sure I take it seriously. I would think he 1) still holds a grudge, and 2) I can't believe he would play so far from his home. Would he write his contract so that he would only play in stadiums near to Houston?

I would like to see him play in Boston again. He would have a lot to teach to the younger hotshots (Papelbon, Beckett) that Schilling's personality doesn't allow for. Based on how much Roger (according to media reports) focuses on teaching his sons the basics of baseball, I would imagine he could do the same for our 'kids'.

Bentley, let me know and I'll change the link to one of your sites, instead of your profile. I'm just not sure which one you'd prefer.


Seandiego said...

Clemens is not allowed to pitch for the Sox again. All is not forgotten or forgiven. I hope they ask me to comment on that DVD. Ant true Sox fan woulod not participate in that project. He would cost too much for a part time player anyway. Imagine giving him 20 mil to pitch 20 times but not paying JD!

Mike said...

You bring up a good point. Clemens only pitched 1 complete game last year. Is that really what you want to pay an 'ace' for? He might give you 6 innings most nights.

Either way, I still don't think he's coming to Boston as (I believe) he feels the same way about Boston as Boston feels for him.