Monday, May 15, 2006

Coco Crisp may be out of a job

Coco may be back on the field in a few days, but he may be out of his lead off spot. Looking at how well Kevin Youkilis has done, its going to be hard to justify moving Crisp back in.

Youkilis is currently hitting .318 with and OBP of .423. According to, he was ranked first in OBP for lead off hitters on 5/8, so how can you justify moving him out?

So, when Crisp comes back, look for him in the two-hole, a more natural fit for Coco. He batted 2nd most of his career, so it should be a great spot for him to come back to after being out for six weeks (he may be back on the 22nd?)

That will let Loretta fall back to the back of the line-up shoring up what has been a weak back-end for the Red Sox.

Francona has stated that Crisp will return as the lead-off hitter. I can't understand why he wouldn't look at how the players are playing and adjust his thinking, but that seems to be Tito's style.

What may be more important is locking up that CF position. In the last 5 games, the Red Sox have played Pena, Mohr, and Harris at center field. It will be nice to just see one name settle in and play well out there.

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