Thursday, May 18, 2006

Francona is confident in Ortiz

In the coming series, when the Red Sox play against Philadelphia, David Ortiz will probably sit one game, but play first base in the other two. Youkilis will play first and third one game and Mike Lowell will also sit one game. It's a tough situtation for a coach and a DH player to be in anytime interleague play comes up.

And I completely understand you want to be honest in your dealing with the media. But I think Tito should have thought a little bit more before making the following statement:

Sox manager Terry Francona hasn't decided which two games Ortiz, Youkilis and Lowell will play.
"We'll do the best we can and hope (Ortiz) doesn't hurt himself," Francona said. "I hope he doesn't make errors and I hope he doesn't embarrass himself."

I know Ortiz struggles playing first base. I know he's a DH and that's where he is the most comfortable. But to come out and say "I hope he doesn't embaress himself" seems a little harsh coming from the manager.

In another note, if you're a bench player, your not supposed to take risks. If they tell you to hold on the first pitch, I don't think you should just assume the hold is off on the second pitch.

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