Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mirabelli gets warm welcom

Damon did not.

Normally, you expect police will get involved at a Yankees Red Sox game eventually. Last night, they were involved even before the game started as Mirabelli got a police escort from Logan to Fenway.

From the Boston Herald:
Mirabelli has probably never felt so appreciated or important. Last night, the backup catcher emerged from his police escort, after flying in from across country, and jumped out of the car in full uniform. He had touched down at Logan at 6:48 p.m., arrived at Fenway at 7:00, and took Wakefield’s first pitch at 7:13.

And yet, Wakefield still didn't get the win, since the bats didn't arrive until late in the game. I think the focus on Bard was a little overstated. Yes, he did have 10 passed balls in five games. But the real reason Wakefield (1-4) didn't get the wins was the hitting for the Red Sox. They haven't been punching the runners in. In his 5 previous games, the Red Sox scored a total of 10 runs, 8 of which occured in the first two games.

Was trading for Mirabelli a good move? You bet. Every little bit helps and I'm sure the whole team feels better about having someone who knows how to catch the knuckleball behind the plate for Tim. But don't fool yourself. There was a reason the Red Sox were willing to trade away their back up catcher.

The bigger deal last night, despite the police lights, was the 7 run performance by the hitters.

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