Monday, May 22, 2006

Red Sox update

David Wells pitched well in his rehab start, too bad he won't have another one. After throwing a total of 66 pitches, is he really ready for a pro team?

Although, and this is a big admission for me, he may be better than Dinardo out there every fifth day. DiNardo may have looked horrible yesterday, lasting only 3 innings, but the Red Sox did win 3 of the 5 games he pitched. That's about what I want for my fifth starter.

In the meantime, Coco Crisp is taking live batting practice for the first time in six weeks today.

Looking ahead to the Red Sox - Yankees matchup: Curt Schilling(6-2, 4.17) vs Chien-Ming Wang (4-1, 2.79); Tim Wakefield (3-5, 4.17) vs Jaret Wright (1-3, 4.94), and Matt Clement (4-3, 5.36) opposes Johnson (5-4, 5.62). If you look just at those numbers, this series isn't exactly a clash of the titans. But if you look at all the background stories, these three games are of great interest.

Is Johnson done (i.e. not an ace anymore?) Has Curt figured out how to pitch into the sunset, as he claims to have done? Are we looking at the future pitching star for the Yankees in Wang? Will the best pitched game be Wakefield vs Wright?

And that's just some of the stories surrounding the pitching staff. This should be good.

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