Friday, May 12, 2006

What we learned from the Yankees - Red Sox series

Or should I say re-learned.

Don't believe the weather report. Weathermen predicted a rain out all three nights, and yet all three games were played.

Ortiz doesn't know what a slump is (see 2nd game: 4-4).

It's going to take everyone on the team to score runs this year. And without that, they just aren't going to win (see Loretta last night).

Schilling may be 'back', but he's not perfect. Also, given Curt's run to the hospital last night (probably to visit a sick kid, but it's still not certain) shows how shaky the starting pitching situation is. How many people got extremely worried about the season when you heard the words Schilling and hospital in the same sentence.

The Red Sox do not have confidence in Clemente this year. Matt's start was shuffled to after this series.

Pitching, hitting and defense are needed to win big games (see A-Rod and the Big Unit, game one).

Yankees and Red Sox are fairly even. The Red Sox may have taken three of the first four, but it wasn't a given.

Yankees are prone to injury (see Matsui and Sheffield).

I wouldn't want to work for the Yankees boss.

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