Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's getting harder to justify the trade

I admit it, I don't know who David Pauley is. But then, I would bet that 97% of the Boston Red Sox fanbase has no idea who David Pauley is, either. But that's who is going to start tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays.

David Wells is going back onto the DL with a knee contusion after being hit in the knee in his rehab appearance. Most expected Abe Alvarez to come back up and pitch in his place. But it seems that since Abe was sent down less than 10 days ago, he can't come back up, yet. And so, David Pauley (do you know who he is, yet?) will be heading to Toronto to stop a two game slide for the Red Sox.

Who is David Pauley?
David Pauley is currently in the starting rotation for the Portland Seadogs (AA). He is a 22 year old who is 2-3 with a 2.39 ERA for Portland this year. He pitches right, btw. He was acquired from the Padres in the Dave Roberts-Jay Payton trade back in December, 2004. (Have you ever wondered who the 'player to be named later' was?) He has never pitched in a big league game, but he is taking heart in his three starts back in spring training (0-2, 8.18 ERA).

Who knows
Maybe having an unknown pitcher will be good for the Sox. Having never seen a pitcher before can be very detrimental to big league pitchers these days. They all study film and learn the habits of who they are facing each night. They learn their pitches and their tendencies before stepping up to the plate. So, hopefully, David will do well tonight, giving the bullpen a chance to rest a little bit.

But the trade for Bronson is looking worse and worse as time goes on. I would rather wait a few years to evaluate the trade. After all, that's why we traded for Wily Mo. Theo was looking for a big bat for next year and the year after. But if the Sox pitching woes continue all year long...

Source: BostonHerald story on David Pauley

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