Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DL the pitching staff?

The knee of David Wells can't be blamed. It's been put through a lot through the years. Pitching is never easy on a body, but carrying some extra weight around is sure to shorten the lifetime warrant on a body's knees, so I don't blame Wells nknee for giving out now.

Matt Clement has been suffering from something lately and may just end up on the DL, as well. I, unlike a lot of people on the radio lately, don't think Matt's problem is in his head. I think there's something else going on that's rendering his pitching a little awkward.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Timlin is on the DL as well.

But where does that leave the Red Sox? With two of their starting pitchers likely to be on the DL next week, how are they going to make up the difference? Alvarez is likely to be called up to fill in for Wells and Manny Delcarmen will replace Timlin in the bullpen. But will that be enough?

I'm beginning to wonder if trading away Arroyo was the best idea, after all. I have stated before that I thought it was a good deal for the Red Sox. I just didn't like the way they treated Bronson. But now?

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