Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm getting tired of the Yankees

It seems like all people can talk about lately is how Randy Johnson is falling apart from age. And if it's not about Randy, it's all about ARod and how he is being blamed for all things bad in New York.

And I don't understand it at all. Yes, Randy Johnson is struggling right now, but that happens to everyone. I expect he'll figure it out and pitch well in a few games (just not tonight!). Then everyone will forget it and move on.

And the whole ARod/Jeter thing is ridiculous. ARod may be the best player in baseball right now. Of course he's going to get blamed for losses. That's what happens. In Boston, we blame Manny for not carrying the Red Sox, for being in a slump, for not legging it out, etc... While Ortiz gets all the credit in the world.

And the reason is simple. Manny is better than Ortiz. ARod is better than Jeter. So we put more responsibility at their feet. More responsibility comes with more flack. That's just the way it goes.

Do I think it's ARod's fault that the Yankees are 'struggling' right now? No. I put the blame squarely onto the pitching staff and those responsible for assembling it (Cashman/Torre).

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