Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ortiz fires back at challenger

Yesterday, a fool in New York published a story telling the Yankees pitchers to throw at Big Papi. Obviously, Ortiz was less than pleased. - Boston Red Sox: Big Papi takes umbrage: Ortiz riled at paper’s plea for brushback

“They say you’ve got to drop Ortiz,” he said. “That’s not the game. The game is either get me or I get you. You don’t put stupid (stuff) in people’s heads like these people are putting out there. I respect everybody in the game and I get a lot of it from people because I try to do my thing right. I don’t like that (stuff).”

Ortiz, who went 1-for-4 last night and is 2-for-24 in his last five games, said that throwing at him isn’t necessary.

“I’m hitting .250. Somebody’s obviously doing something right,” said Ortiz, who’s average has fallen to .256.

Which is a good point by David. Pitchers should be studying their opponents and finding their weaknesses, not trying to hit them.

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