Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Schilling is only one game away from 200

Curt Schilling put away the Yankees last night to win his seventh game this season.  That win puts him one away from #200.

Schilling is scheduled to pitch against Tampa Bay on Saturday.  It's hard to believe that Curt will come back to form in back to back outings against the Yankees and TB.  These two teams have weak pitching, but big hitters.

Based on the stories: Curt reverts to form: Schilling dazzles as Sox batter Yankeesand Schill finds a way: Ace dominant again but in different form; you would think 1) Schilling is coming out of retirement for one more season and 2) all is well now.

I listened to Curt this morning on the radio and he'll be the first to tell you that one win doesn't solve anything. He needs to be more consistent in his pitching and that's what he expects to do going forward. He may not be able to rear back and throw it past major league batters, but he can still get it done.

Of course, all of this talk about struggling is a little funny given Curt is tied for the league leading number of wins.

In a side note: Coco is only a few days away from rejoining the Red Sox. He'll take batting practice again today, then go on for a few rehab starts. At the most, he'll be back in the saddle in just one week.

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