Monday, March 13, 2006

Foulke update

Keith Foulke is doing his best to return to form, and I for one hope he makes it. I've been very clear on how important I think he is to the Red Sox success this year, and so I'm glad to see he threw batting practice for the first time, even if it was to just three minor league players.

He is still receving injuections (of a joint lubricant called Synvisc?) in his knees, however. But, according to Foulke, "I can bend down and pick up my kid now without grimacing or having pain. So ... when it comes to the injection, how my knees feel, I'm happy, very happy." And "I will be ready Opening Day, there's no doubt in my mind. I'm stronger now than I have been in four years. April 3, that's a lifetime away."

He should receive shots in each knee on Saturday. He may get shots during the season as well. After that, he'll probably throw again on Monday and Tuesday, and then it's batting practice again on Wednesday or Thursday.

Foulke may be increasing his utility. He may be using four pitches this year, rather than just his normal fastball-changeup.

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