Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More on the Wily for Arroyo deal

The Cincinnati Reds seem to like the deal:

"I like the trade," David Weathers said. "(Arroyo's) a proven winner. He won in one of toughest places to play. He was a big part of the time winning it all (two years ago)."

"He's very good," Hatteberg said. "He eats up innings, which is important. His stuff is good."

The Reds also got $1.5 million in cash in the deal. Arroyo got a $750,000 signing bonus with the three-year, $11.5 million contract he signed in January. The $1.5 million makes Arroyo's salary match Pena's ($1.25 million) for this year.

It's rather frightening that we had to send money to the Reds. I sometimes forget how bad the rest of the league is in terms of revenue. The Red Sox would have gobbled up Arroyo's contract without a thought, but the Reds needed some money thrown in just to acquire a proven 29 year old starter.

Update: CBS 4 talked to Bronson over the phone this morning.


Seandiego said...

What are they supposed to say? We think this deal stinks? I haven't seen any quotes out of Boston saying how much they will miss Bronson's game, only his personality.

Mike said...

I'm not saying the deal is bad. As a matter of fact, I think the deal is good for the Red Sox, as is.

I just don't like how they've gone back on their word to Bronson. If they had a 'gentlemen's agreement' with him then why do it? Loyalty in baseball is a rare thing and they've just thrown away any chance at it in the future with anybody else.

If they didn't make that agreement with Bronson, they really should have made it clear when he was talking to all the reporters about how they assured him they weren't going to move him way back when he signed the deal.

Seandiego said...

Everything I have read today(and man do I have nothing but time to read right now) says that no such gentleman's agreement existed. Even Bronson said so. In fact, it seems that him signing such a contract made him more likely to be traded, not less likely.

I forgot about Ortiz resigning, although I still don't think he took a home town discount. He signed just before he truly exploded to superstar status.

Also, go answer your quiz questions...

Seandiego said...

All Bronson said back then was that they told him this did not mean he would not be traded, but that there was nothing on the table and nothing imminent(sp?). The Sox were also quick to respond back then that this was the case.