Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's just agents being agents

Manny's agent, being an agent, has come out (see quote below) and laid the whole trade issue at the Red Sox feet. Now that Manny is back in camp and playing nice, it's time for his 'I'm excited to play here and it's where I'd like to keep playing.' statement. This seems to have become a spring training ritual with Manny in Boston.

It's too bad Manny wants out of Boston. I think the fans love him, except for a few hard nosed nuts who think he's a distraction to the team. I say the only thing he distracts is the media, which is fine with the rest of his team.

The only time I've had a problem with Manny is the time Francona asked him to play on his day off and he refused. While I can understand if he's not feeling well or he is injured and afraid it's going to get worse, I think we all know that team sports demand you play for the team.

Boston Herald story by Jeff Horrigan

“I think it’s been mis-characterized all along,” Genske said. “I think it’s been a situation over the last few years where the Red Sox have wanted to pursue trade alternatives, just to kind of see what’s out there, and Manny has always been willing to participate in those kind of talks and he’d been willing to keep an open mind and cooperate if the Red Sox decide they want to have trade discussions with another team.

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