Friday, March 10, 2006

What are the Bruins doing?

Thornton and Samsonov are 26 and 27, respectively. Both have been incredible for the Bruins, leading them into the playoffs in '98, '99, '02, '03, and '04. At least when you look at the Celtics, you can see what they are doing and why, but the Bruins just don't make any sense this year.

Said Samsonov: “Am I surprised? Probably not. But I’m a little disappointed. It’s been a different kind of year than past years, that’s for sure, with the trades. I think they’re trying to figure out what direction they want to go in. But obviously, they decided they didn’t want me in their plans.”

Samsanov's record as a Bruin:

Career Regular Season Stats
2005-2006Bruins 55181937-322601010716.8
2003-2004Bruins 58172340124305113212.9
2002-2003Bruins 856118210302321.7
2001-2002Bruins 742941702127304019215.1
2000-2001Bruins 82294675618303221513.5
1999-2000Bruins 77192645-64603014513.1
1998-1999Bruins 79252651-618608116015.6
1997-1998Bruins 8122254798703015913.8

NHL Totals: 514164212376411033503041,13314.5

Career Playoff Stats
2003-2004Bruins 72572000001315.4
2002-2003Bruins 5022-100000100
2001-2002Bruins 6224-200000267.7
1998-1999Bruins 113143000002114.3
1997-1998Bruins 62571000101811.1

NHL Totals: 35915243000108810.2

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