Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Patriots History

How many times in the past few years has a player left the Patriots and you were left wondering if we should have kept them? How many times has a player left to become a force elsewhere? What player has gone on to bigger and better things?


There have been some players that we questioned why they were let go at the time (31-0 game), or there was some debate as to who we should keep (Brady vs. Bledsoe), but each time, Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli were proven to know more than the average fan (or player).

If I were Adam Vinatieri, I might consider that before I left to go elsewhere. If the Patriots are letting you go, what does that say for your future career?


Seandiego said...

I'm wondering how far we would have gone last year if we held onto Ty Law. He played pretty well for the Jets, and we had all those problems in the secondary. Will hate to see Willie and Adam leave as well. They will be missed. And who is going to play wide reciever next year? In Bill we must Trust.

Mike said...

Ty Law's numbers were inflated by playing on the Jets. Other QB's were throwing at him, not away from him as they did in previous years. He was overweight and injured.

Willie may be coming back, that hasn't been determined yet. We did have trouble in the secondary, but a lot of that was due to injuries that were inconceivable (Poole and Harrison?).

Seandiego said...

Injuries are always conceivible in the NFL. He was only injured the beginning of the year, and made the pro bowl. Harrison plays a different position. Law would have been very welcome back there. If it were my money, I wouldn't have payed all that, but you asked who has been missed. Personally I also miss Damian Woody.