Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nixon to be player rep?

In a boston herald story today by Tony Massarotti, he reports on how Schilling and new pitching coach Nipper have butted heads. That's a good thing. I want Schilling anxious and ready to go out there and pitch more. I also want the Sox to keep his workouts at a reasonable pace. We need Curt to come out and have a great year.


Nixon, for what it’s worth, seems to be the leading candidate to succeed Johnny Damon as the club’s union player representative. Nixon was the assistant player rep a year ago and indicated that the club would not hold an election until after the start of the regular season.

It would probably be a good fit. Nixon is a serious guy who's not afraid to take on responsibility. Of course, with his health problems, he'll probably have time off to face any issues that come up. (a cheap shot, yes... but still true).

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