Monday, March 13, 2006

Patriots are running

All the news out of Foxboro is about the run. Specifically, Givens may be (almost certainly) leaving, Fauria has left, Davis is gone and Vinatieri is probably gone as well.

David Givens went to talk to the Dolphins on Saturday, spent Sunday in Houston and is meeting today with the Titans. A busy schedule for someone looking for big money on the free agency market this year.

Fauria signed with the Redskins. This shouldn't be a surpise given his limited role with Watson and Graham in the lineup in front of him.

Andre Davis signed with the Bills. Not a surprising event, given the depth of the wider receiving corps, Davis didn't have a lot of playing time last year.

And Adam is looking for big money on the free agency market. The question is, even for a kicker of his stature and reputation, are other teams willing to pay big money for him? It's certainly a possibility, and one that Adam is willing to explore. Hopefully, the Patriots can make a deal with him, but I'm not hopeful. The hometown discount just isn't going to apply in Vinatieri's case. I think he's been frustrated by being getting the franchise tag, and is now looking for a way out.

A day after visiting the Dolphins, Givens spent yesterday with the Houston Texans before boarding a plane for Nashville, where he will meet today with the Titans.

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