Friday, March 31, 2006

Quiz time

Are you ready for a Red Sox quiz from the Big O on WEEI? He had 30 questions to ask, but I missed the last dozen or so. What are your thoughts?

1) Will Schilling win more than 15 games?
2) Will Lowell be the starting 1B on June 1st?
3) Will Damon or Coco Crisp have a better year?
4) Will Foulke have more than 30 saves?
5) Will Alex Gonzalez brilliant defense allow us to ignore his poor offense?
6) Will Trot Nixon play in 125 games (not necessarily start)?
7) Will Josh Beckett land on the DL? (Blister or shoulder?)
8) a) Kevin Youkilis, will he go over 18 HR?
- b) KY, over 80 RBI?
- c) Will KY be a regular 3B (not just appear there a few times)?
9) Wily Mo Pena over 300 AB? 400 AB?
10) Post all star wins at 7 for Matt Clemente?
11) Will Tavarez be suspended again by August 1st?
12) Will the Sox bullpen be in the top 7th or bottom 7th for ERA?
13) Josh Bard catching Wakefield -- does it affect him?
14) Will a writer blame the changes on homeruns on the structural changes?
15) Will the pitching staff be affected by the absence Dave Wallace?
16) Will the Sox lead the Yankees at runs scored? (they have the past few years)
17) The Sox will have over 200 HR this year?

My answers:
1) Schilling will win more than 15 games (I'd guess 19).
2) Yes -- they are paying him too much to sit on the bench.
3) Damon will have a better year
4) Yes -- but not much more than 30.
5) Yes -- If Renteria had played with the defensive skill we were promised last year, I wouldn't have cared about his hitting.
6) No -- definitely under.
7) Duh.. Yes. Beckett will land on the DL for a blister.
8) a) Yes, Kevin will have over 18 HR.
- b) Under 80 RBI... he'll be batting at the bottom of the order.
- c) Yes... Eventually they will remove Lowell and move Youkilis over there.
9) Yes, No.
10) No -- Under 7 wins.
11) Yes... He can't handle the pressure.
12) top 7th.
13) I don't think so... but how would you know if Bard affects Wake?
14) Yes, some writer will talk about it, but is it true? The HR will be lower because of the position player changes.
15) Yes, they will be affected by the absence of Wallace, but how?
16) No, the Yankees will have more runs this year.
17) Yes, they will have over 200 HR this year.

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