Thursday, March 16, 2006

GIvens and McGinest are gone

But would you really want them at that price? I think Givens is worth 5 years at $24 with an $8 million signing bonus, but McGinest at 34 wasn't worth $12 over three years with $6 million in bonuses. That's a bit over the top for a player that's 34.

But in the end, the Patriots are known for looking for value, not big contract numbers. That's what gave them the depth to continue competing even when a majority of their secondary went down last year. So, I'll continue to trust in their moves.

I'm just sorry to see Givens go. It was a nice group with Brady, Branch, and Givens. Since their number three receiver was Brown last year, I hope they can find another option. Maybe Watson (TE) will come of age and catch more balls?

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