Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vinatieri is gone

And I, for one, am not that upset about it. There are (more than) several reasons why.

First, of course, is the motto In Bill we Trust. Now does that mean that we're guaranteed a playoff berth every year because Bill is our coach? No, not at all. But a record like his is hard to ignore. He builds good teams againa and again, and I for one am OK with that.

Second, Vinatieri wanted a reported $3.5 million signing bonus. According to, Vinatieri will average $2.5 million a season over the first three years of the contract, which one source believed could run for as long as six years. That's a bit much for a kicker.

Third, he's a kicker.

Fourth, he's been clutch in the past, that's no guarantee of the future. I don't know if you've noticed, but he missed some big kicks this past year. There are a lot of people on the radio today (did you know that you can stream WEEI to your computer? I can't at work, but you can't have everything) complaining about how they didn't have to hold their breath when the kicking team rolled out onto the field. Well, I was holding my breath again this year when Adam walked onto the field. For a couple of years, there, I wasn't. But just think back to his last game as a Patriot and tell me that wasn't a big kick he missed.

Fifth, it's hard to judge losing a player until you know who the new guy that will replace him is. Damon was a big loss, but I feel better about it know Crisp is in center field for the Sox this year. Maybe a new kicker will not be as good as Adam, but I don't know that. Ask me again at the end of the year.

Sixth (this list is getting long), Adam's leg strength just isn't what it used to be. He's not kicking as far as he used to. Look up his numbers.

I am not saying that Adam is a bad kicker. I wanted to see him in a Patriots uniform next year. I admire what he did for the Pats. There are several kicks that are indelibly etched onto the the Patriots fans hearts and memories. He has been THE clutch kicker in the game. I'm just saying there is no guarantee for next year. Kickers come and go, so thanks for the memories, Adam. We will miss you.

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