Thursday, September 01, 2005

Does anyone actually believe Wells said this?

"I understand that I was wrong in my statements about these issues and for that I apologize," Wells said in a statement issued by the players association after Wells met with baseball officials. "Now that I have had this opportunity to sit down and discuss the issues, I better understand the procedures that go with steroid testing."

Or do you think they (the commissioner and his agent?) explained what could happen to him if he continued to rant about the steroids policy and Bud Selig in general? Because there is no way Boomer said these words. More likely he said something along the lines of "*&*!!* it. Write whatever you want. I don't care." I imagine he might be biting his tongue as he sits down after his next start. I also wonder if any of the reporters might try baiting him?


Fine Words Butter No Parsnips said...

word to the wise:

fyi it looks like, the new blog-ranking service where your site (and one of mine) was listed recently, has morphed into some kind of marketing site.

at least, this morning if you go to the home page, you are taken to a marketing site. in addition, if you click the link buttons provided for our pages, you are taken to another marketing site.

however, you can still access your account by going to this page:

up to you, of course, but i have deleted the button from my page, and in addition i have totally changed my email address in the account page to something that doesn't even remotely resemble my actual address.

i could be wrong about this, but it is mighty suspicious ... just a heads up.

Mike said...

I'm not sure what to say about this... The site you list topblogs isn't the site that does the ranking: topblog.

I'm not sure I like the site since there are so few people on it, yet. But I think you are referring to the wrong site (off by one letter s)?

Thanks for the warning, though!