Friday, September 16, 2005

Last night's game

Last night's game is exactly what Sox fans are afraid of. The starting pitching doesn't get it done and the Sox bats are silenced. Unfortunately, this is what this year has been all about.

But all is not lost. Schilling is still pitching better. Despite last night's result, keep in mind that Curt pitched 6.2 innings, which isn't bad. He only gave up 4 runs, which again isn't bad for him. He's still working on getting his old form back, and this is the time for him to do it.

It's starting to look like I thought it would. The last weekend of the regular season may decide the AL East. It may even decide both teams playoff lives. And that's as it should be.


monica said...

Great pics!

Mike said...

Thanks. I assume you're talking about the pic at the top of the page for the 'fan'. It was taken by a boston herald photographer.