Friday, September 30, 2005

Let's make the scenarios simple

One and done
Two their due,
and Three they go whee, whee, whee all the way home.

In other words, if the Red Sox win only one of the next three games, the Yankees take the division. If they win two out of three, they will be tied and be heading off to the Bronx for a tie-breaker on Monday (who's going to pitch that one?). If they win all three, the Red Sox take the division. Got it?

If you want to add in a little spice, if the Sox take two out of three and Cleveland takes 2 as well, there will be a second tie-breaker on Tuesday. What a way to end the season!

Now then, let's talk about big and little Papi. Big Papi finishes the game with another clutch hit in the 9th to finish off the Toronto Blue Jays. But that was just the end. Ortiz's homer was his 20th of the season that tied a game or put Boston ahead, and it was his 11th in September. How could anyone else be considered for MVP this year?

But it was Papelbon who set the stage by going 2.2 innings with 1 K, 2 hits allowed, and 0 ER after Clement almost blew the game (5 innings, 4 ER, 8 hits) and Myers setting the stage with 1.1 innings of almost perfect pitching (1 walk, 0 hits, 0 ER).

In other news: Mike Stanton was acquired from the Nationals for a three game stint. He will not be available to the Red Sox if they make the playoffs. "If he comes in and gets one hitter out, that might be enough," Boston manager Terry Francona said. "This guy's not going to come in and pitch the ninth for us."


Adam said...

Ortiz was obviously the most valuable offensive player. But A-Rod was almost as good offensively. Defensively, A-Rod is infinatly more valuable than Ortiz. So when we combine the two factors, A-Rod wins hands down. Of course, I hate the Yankees, so maybe we can find someone else.

Mike said...

A-Rod may have great numbers, but he's not even the MVP on his own team. I would say Riv or Shef are both more valuable. Jeter, as team leader, is more valuable to the Yanks than A-Rod will ever be.

I've always thought it ridiculous how they vote on this award. It's really not about being the most Valuable mlayer. It's about having the best numbers and I always thought that was wrong. Without A-Rod, the Yankees would be right where they are. Without Ortiz, the Sox would have lost at least 10 more games.