Friday, September 23, 2005

How are you feeling today?

The Yankees won last night, while the Sox finally got a day off. Since they made up the game on September 5th against the White Sox, they have gone 8-9. I expect them to do better in the following week leading up to the final face off against the Yankees.

Can you hear all the negativity voicing itself? You would think after the Sox beat the Yankees 4 games in a row last year, you would hear a little more optimism from the fans. But I guess that was a different team, and maybe it is time to become the 'fellowship of the miserable' once again. But that just isn't me. Not yet.

I'm fighting off those doomsayers comments and negativity. I'm excited by the prospects of a fight here in Boston to the finish against our dreaded rivals. It's time once again to fight the evil empire and I for one am looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Post Note: Seems that Foulke has not been officialy decommisioned, yet. He has been back in Boston to see the Doctor, but no official word has come out yet on what his status is.

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