Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In case of tie, break glass

On Monday, the Yanks won the coin flip. So, if NY manages to claw their way into a tie with the Red Sox for the division lead, they'll host the Boston Red Sox in a one-game playoff.

From the AP Wire and cbs.sportsline.com:
"If game is needed to break a tie between Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox in the AL Central, the Indians would host, and if the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland need a tiebreaker in the AL West, the game would be at Anaheim.

In the event a tiebreaker is needed for the wild card, New York and Oakland would play at Cleveland, and Oakland would play at New York.

If three teams finish with the same record and a tiebreaker is needed, the teams in the same division play a tiebreaker for first place, and the loser meets the team from the other division in a one-game wild-card tiebreaker.

If a tiebreaker game is necessary in the NL wild-card race, Philadelphia would host Houston and Florida, the Marlins would host Houston, the Astros would host Washington, and the Nationals would host the Phillies and Marlins."

How exciting would that be? A one game tiebreaker in the Bronx? Now imagine that the loser goes home with Cleveland (or Oakland) taking the wild card spot? One game determining your playoff life? One winner, and one loser! How many people would be glued to their sets that day?

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